Hotel Pez Espada

For this four stars hotel which belongs to the well-known group Medplaya and settled in Torremolinos, Grupo Rojas offered a serial of practical and aesthetic solutions centred in getting furniture of high, functional and harmonic benefits using resistant and new materials. We decided doing a mixed of melamine of high efficiency with mixed-leather upholstery, chestnut-coloured perú textures in the head bed and textil for the hanging nightstands.

The indirect illumination provided with led light hidden behind the head-bed is a resource of a great visual impact.

In terms of the desks with the fridge included, the mounting block and the trunks, we chose chestnut-coloured perú melanin. Otherwise, for the doors, wardrobes and the mirror frames, we considered a better option a textile melamine finished.

The parquet AC5 Oak beige with the semi-bevels in the sides and all this same coloured baseboard provide combination with a chromatic equilibrium reinforced by wall-lamp led for reading in the head-bed.