DECOSAN, a company with more than 30 years bathroom decor experience, being specialized in the designand manufacturing of a wide range of products.

Furniture, countertops, sinks, mirrors and lighting some of the solutions Decosan provides to customize each bathroom as a uniqueand exclusive space.

Decosan standardized offers a completerange of measures as well as the ability to customize their furniture solutions to any dimension. A wide range of materials and finishes: ceramic countertops, solid surface, mineralmarmo, silk glass, white glass and wood. There are 14 wood Nature colors, 24 glossy or matte with lacquer finishes and any RAL or NCS color on request, with the possibility of combining different finishes in one single cabinet.

As a bathroom project specialist, Decosan provides a platform perfectly adapted for the design of residential, hotel and communities projects, with customized solutions to meet each one of them.