The style of the shower enclosure is a reflection of personality. The finishes of a bathroom turn this space of the house into an intimate, unique and comfortable corner. The company Duscholux, a pioneer in the manufacture of shower and bath screens, in its ambition to innovate and offer a wide range of possibilities, has launched the option of installing ribbed glass in its screens. A new finish that provides privacy and style in equal parts. 

The new glass has a decorative relief that gives a great personality to the bathroom. It is available for 6mm or 8mm glass depending on the series, and has the possibility of customised cutting to adapt it to any need. The relief is on the outside of the screen and on the smooth inside, the Duscholux anti-limescale treatment is applied.

Unique design and enhanced performance  

This finish has a design that provides a distinctive look to the architecture and interior design. Taking into account the original light and sparkle that glass can provide is essential when designing the bathroom. With ribbed glass, very attractive visual effects can be created that will give a differential touch to the set of elements that make up the space. 

At the same time as taking aesthetics into account, this innovation improves the technical features of the screens. An example of this is the thermal insulation, a highly valued feature in new buildings with energy or acoustic efficiency.

As with the rest of the Duscholux shower enclosures, ribbed glass is easy to clean because the inner layer, which is in contact with water, has a smooth shape. A dry microfibre cloth is all that is needed to keep the screen clean and, sometimes, specialised products can be used.