The luxurious Hotel Boutique Portals Hills, located on the hills of Calviá in Mallorca and created for sophisticated clients with a high demand and taste for architecture and design, has incorporated Zennio's hotel automation solution.

The hotel, with a predominance of white colors and golden decorative elements designed by the renowned interior designer Luc Van Acker, equipped each room with a customized capacitive touch panel that maintains the identity of the hotel and is fully integrated with the careful interior design of each room thanks to the total customization that TMD-Display One allows (i.e. the choice of different frames, in this case gold frame, colors, and so forth).

Each room has a customized 8-button touch panel that allows total control of the air conditioning (on / off, ventilation, temperature regulation, and so on.), and execute different scenes when the guest goes to sleep or wakes up for instance, to let him/her enjoy different luminous tones and lighting scenes according to the time of day.

Idyllic rooms that are a joy for the senses where Zennio's solution plays a fundamental role to complete a unique and unforgettable experience that fills the hotel guest with maximum comfort and relaxation.