One of the most outstanding projects in which Noël & Marquet has participated at the end of 2021 with its range of products has been the creation in Barcelona of the new Moco Museum from Amsterdam.

In this case, the project required that baseboard range that could be integrated into the rooms sobriety but at the same time had the ability to withstand the passage of time, the multitude of visitors and the innumerable changes in appearance that a museum usually undergoes along its life.

Hand in hand with Vintage Concept, company in charge of installing our product and carring out high-quality finishes on site, a combination of cornices was also created, necessary to cover the upper passage on the ceiling of part of the museum's electrical installation. A resounding success.

It’s not surprising that, given the excellence and numerous qualities of the Noël & Marquet product range, it is sharing space with remarkable international artists such as Andy Warhol, Salvador Dalí or Banksy.