Small mansion that was built for the promoter Tomas Ametller, a construction with a neoclassical appearance in which a pyramid-shaped top of the building stands out, culminating in a clock. Built by the Cantabrian architect Antonio Ruiz de Salces (Fresno del Río 1820 – Madrid 1899), the building was also known as the Ametller Hotel. The building was remodeled by Eduardo Gamboa Sanz in 1930.

It has served as the headquarters for the Ommia insurance company, the Mare Nostrum insurance company and currently the Crédit Agricole IndoSuez bank.

The building has integral protection, so special permits had to be requested to carry out the reforms. The term of execution of work has been 3 months, in which the building was occupied during the reform. The functional improvements of the space have focused on reducing the size of the workstations to increase the space of other spaces such as meeting rooms, collaboration rooms, etc. New spaces such as PhoneBooths and Collaborative Zones have been included to improve the employee experience.

Within the framework of a better quality in the work site, the facade windows have been changed maintaining the aesthetic identical to the original ones. The new windows are of our V92 profile with an acoustic attenuation of 50 dB, since it was the client's requirement to have maximum acoustic insulation. So that, technology is combined with the original aesthetics of carpentry, maintaining the neoclassical style of the building.