The houses, located in Boadilla del Monte, with views to the North mountains of Madrid, have been designed with special care in the finishes, using high quality materials and the latest technologies for each house in order to achieve a personal project adapted to the needs of each tenant.

Each house has the "reliable technology" of Zennio to provide the owners with unique and inspiring experiences that improve their comfort and way of life when they need it, reduce environmental impact and optimize consumption.

For example, climate control allows tenants to automatically turn on the heating in winter, raise the electric blinds 60%, or turn on the hot water of the shower to start the day smoothly. Its inhabitants are unconcerned with the daily management of the house and enjoy every moment of the day. The house detects if its inhabitants wake up, go to sleep or other habits and patterns and adapts to their lifestyles accordingly. In addition, before any anomaly (detection of smoke, flood, and so on) occurs, the system notifies it to the mobile of the tenant and allows him/her to act accordingly with his/her mobile from any part of the world.